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It’s so nice to meet you! 

My name is Jamie Zwier and I'm a health coach. I help busy women with tight budgets & tighter schedules get consistent healthy meals on the table that the whole family will LOVE!









I don't know about you, but my relationship with my body has been ANYTHING but “smooth sailing”. 


Some of my earliest memories were of me seeing my very petite & thin mom weighing herself obsessively then telling herself & others that she was on a diet because she was “fat”. 


Me, taking after my dad’s side of the family (aka. I had a little more meat on my bones)  knew at the young age of 7 years old that if my mom was fat than I must be fat too. 


So there I was, a cute little babe, weighing only 50 lbs and promising myself that I would never weigh more than that. 


Things didn't necessarily get any easier as I got older, my negative self-talk, poor eating habits & endless need to diet only grew from there. 


So there I was, following right in my mom's footsteps, hopping from one restrictive diet to the next, obsessively counting calories, weight myself like a crazy person and really just never being okay with the body I saw in the mirror.  


Even on my skinniest days, skinny was never skinny enough. 


Can you relate? 


As I started my professional career, I became an elementary school teacher. As the years went on, my passion for healthy eating became clearer by the day. All the while I was becoming very aware of what unhealthy food choices children were making on a daily basis. 


Knowing what kind of unhealthy environment I grew up in and seeing that these children could possibly be experiencing the same thing, I knew I had to help. 


After going back to school to get the proper credentials, I eventually started my own business teaching healthy cooking classes to kids.


I quickly realized that teaching healthy eating habits to kids was the EASY part, it was the parents who really needed my support, momma bears in particular. Despite children's new enthusiasm after our kids cooking class, parents needed the support finding the time, energy, funds & knowledge to make the same healthy choices at home.  


That’s exactly why I'm so committed to teaching busy, the overworked woman how to achieve her dream body in a healthy & positive way no matter how tight the schedule or budget, for herself & her family. 


As the women in the house, you are SO damn influential. Not only to your children but to spouse, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc! It all starts with you. 


I literally boil this process down to the simplest of forms that anyone can do, yes, even children. 


So If you’re finished with this never-ending dieting cycle and want to pump some major self-respect into your home, it has to start with you, if you’re up for it, join me over here in my monthly challenge group, Oh How Healthy Insiders.

xo, Jamie




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