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Virtual Summer
Cooking Camp 
"Camp In A Box"


Pick your week(s) below & get your box delivered right to your door with everything you'll need to participate in camp! 

Oh How Healthy's Cooking Club Summer Camp goes Virtual with "Camp-In-A-Box"
Your family's health is our #1 concern and we want to keep your children active & eating healthy meals all summer long!
That is why even though our in-person camp was canceled, we are running a virtual camp!!
This virtual camp is not just any virtual camp, our virtual camp will be paired with a special box of materials sent right to your door, filled with almost all the items that your child will need to participate in weekly Food, Fitness & Fun Camp's virtual actives!
We are calling this "Food Fitness & Fun Camp In A Box"

Food Fitness & Fun Camp is a cooking and sports enrichment camp focused on teaching kids the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. 

We encourage campers to make healthy food choices and to be active!

We provide your child with the resources, classes, and activities needed to get them excited about being healthy! 

Food, Fitness & Fun camp offers your child a combination of daily cooking classes, 

sports games, yoga & mindfulness!

Just one week of camp will help children create healthy habits that will last them a lifetime!


Food Fitness & Fun Virtual "Camp In a Box" Includes:


  •    All materials needs for camp shipped right to your door.

  • Log-in access to LIVE virtual Food, Fitness & Fun Camp lessons 

  • Daily Virtual Cooking Lessons

  • Recipes & Activities 

  • Daily Virtual Fitness Games & Activities

  • Virtual Yoga Classes & Mindfullness Practice

  • Optional materials for your child to do to extend the lessons with pre-recorded activities & worksheets.


Food Fitness & Fun Camp-In-A-Box delivers some of the best elements of our popular summer camp right to your door!
You will receive a box loaded with all of the materials you will need for the week.

Select your week(s)

  • (Virtual) January's Healthy Cooking Workshop For Kids
    Wed, Jan 20
    Zoom Online Meeting
    Jan 20, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM EST
    Zoom Online Meeting
    This is a 1-hour monthly class where picky eaters between the ages of 4-10 will learn to make healthy food taste great!


Proud Parent

My son now eats raw spinach wants to make daily smoothies!

Proud Parent

My child recently tried several different foods that he never wanted to before! THANK YOU!

Proud Parent

My child asked me to expand our shopping list of health foods and even likes avocodo


Proud Parent

I could never get my daughter to try anything new and now she is more open to it.