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Conquer Your Endless To-Do List In 5 Simple Steps

If you're anything like I used to be, you might find it impossible to finish all you need to get done. I swear sometimes it felt like the days, weeks and months flew by without me really getting anything done. Sure, I got to the grocery store and did the laundry, but clothes would lay around unfolded and food just sat in the fridge and went bad. There was no method to my madness. I knew I was busy all the time, but it just felt like I was running in circles and this created unnecessary anxiety and stress in my life. I was sick and tired of feeling inadequate, irritated and overwhelmed. I wasn't serving anyone, especially not myself by acting like that. I decided things needed to change.

These 5 steps I’m about to share with you were a total game changer! Things started to actually get done, I didn't feel so stagnant and my anxiety reduced dramatically. Things got a whole lot easier and I was actually able to get a handle of my to-do list once and for all! Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

So what are my 5 magic little steps?

1.) Find Your Top Three- Write down all the things that you want to get done this month. Just brain dump on paper all of the tasks looming in your head so that you can start getting clear. For example, get a birthday gift for friend, meal prep, pay a bill, clean car, etc. Next, choose the top three items you want accomplished. These top three things that you want completed will be your week’s focus. The next three things that you want done will be the next week’s focus, so on and so forth. The key here is to focus on three and only three things a week and complete them so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment and start to see the end of that endless to-do list tunnel.

2.) Create Action Steps- Okay, so you have three focuses this week, awesome. Now work on creating daily actions steps. What I mean by creating daily action steps is write a list of actions that you can take that will eventually get you to complete your weekly tasks. Let's say for example, one of your focuses for the week is to start meal prepping. Action steps toward actually completing this task would be to create a list of meals you want to eat, make a grocery shopping list, go food shopping, cook food and pack food into containers. This may sound overwhelming at first but trust me, like anything, you have to practice this skill and it will become easier with time.

3.) Calendar Time- Once you have a list of your action steps, schedule them into your calendar for when you're free. Don't have any free time? How about waking up early one morning and heading to the grocery store before work or find time on your lunch break to call a family member. There are little nuggets of time scattered throughout your week, you just have to be observant of them. You can’t continue to do the same old things expecting new outcomes. You have to step outside of your comfort zone and do things a little differently than you previously would to create an outcome you desire. That might mean you have to wake up a little earlier than normal or sacrifice scrolling through social media during your lunch break or skip your favorite weekly TV shows.

4.) First Things First- Get the most important action steps out of the way as soon as possible or first thing in the week. Don’t know what the most important action step is? It’s probably the thing your dreading the most. Gym? Work project? Making a phone call? Just rip it off like a band-aid and get it done. Also, all time sensitive things should be a priority.

5.) Automate Your Weeks- Find those nuggets of time that you can squeeze out of your week. Try creating reoccurring to-dos for those chores that have to get done every week. For example if you noticed every Wednesday at 7am you found a chunk of time to get things done, enter in a task that you know you have to do every week… tidy up the living room Wednesdays at 7am? Grocery shop every Saturday at noon? Get the idea? Once you find these bits of time, take full advantage of them, week after week! This will have you on your way to ditching the old time-sucking bad habits and creating amazingly beneficial ones. In no time you’ll be getting a good amount of things done in a small amount of time a week.

Its important to adjust your perception of time when practicing these tips. How you perceive things is how you end up believing them. If you think life is hard and there is no time to get anything done than chances are things are going to be hard and you’ll be majorly stressed out about time. Experiment with this idea; try swapping a negative, worrying thought with a more positive and uplifting one. Tell yourself how much time there is in an hour and how long a day really is and how a day is more than enough time to get all you want to get done, done. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Also, please be kind to yourself. If you don’t get everything you want to in a day or week, it's completely fine! Don’t stress. There is always tomorrow. It’s important to listen to your body. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit burnt out, give yourself some down time. It’s okay! You’re doing the best you can.

All my love,


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