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To assist in your weight loss efforts, follow these 6 simple and easy to incorporate steps into a daily routine. Follow these tips in addition to a healthy eating & exercise routine to help get you to your ideal weight for once and for all!

1.) Spice up your food!

Here’s why -Spices can flavor your food without adding unnecessary calories and fat to your food. Also, spices have the ability to increase your metabolism and burn fat!! So spice away!

Some of the best fat burning spices are

1.) Turmeric

2.) Black Pepper

3.) Cayenne Pepper

4.) Cinnamon

2.) Get enough sleep (the goal is to aim for 7-8 hours)

Here’s why -When you sleep, your body resets and repairs itself. When you don't get enough sleep, it messes with your hormones and energy levels. When your body lacks energy from too little sleep, it will try to get energy by any means. For example, one thing our body does is yawn, which forces oxygen into your blood. Which is fine and dandy, but another, more troubling thing our body is guilty of doing is crave sugar as an energy source! So to avoid those unnecessary sugar binges and those telling yawns, plan to get some good ol' sleep!

3.) Load up on veggies

Here’s why -Veggies are loaded with fiber, nutrients and have a high water content with little to no calories. When you’re properly nourished with all the vitamins and minerals that come from eating fresh veggies, your body is less likely to crave sugar and junky processed foods. Veggies also help you stay fuller longer and provide you with loads of hydration! Aim to eat a variety of colorful veggies to get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals into your diet.

4.) Take deep cleansing breaths throughout the day, especially before and after eating!

Here’s why- When we breathe, most of us only breathe into our chests. Don't believe me? Take a second to notice how you’re breathing right now, you're most likely only taking short shallow breaths into your chest. Instead, try to take a deep breath always into your stomach. Allow your belly to fill and with air, hold then release. When you take deep cleansing breaths like that your body is able to activate its parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which allows your body to go into "rest and digest mode". This cause you to instantly feel less stressed and allow food to pass through your system for efficiently.

5.) Drink plenty of water (aim for 1/2 your body weight in oz.)

Here’s why-Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. So if you’re properly hydrated, your able to understand those hunger-pangs better and not mistake them for you just being thirsty. Also when you drink lots of water, you’re able to stay fuller longer and not eat as much as you normally would have!

6.) Log what you eat.

Here’s why- There’s so much food that we nibble on throughout the day that we don't even think about. We take a taste of this and a sip of that and meanwhile, the calories are just adding up! Then just like that, despite all the work that we do, we can’t seem to lose weight. By logging your food, you pay more attention to what you put in your mouth. Additionally,logging your food causes you to eat a little less since chances are that you’re not going to want to take out your phone and go through the trouble to log a sip of your hubby’s frappuccino, that could be a whopping 50 calories!

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog and find these tips easy enough to incorporate into your daily routine. As always, I am here answer any questions you may have! Please e-mail me at Jamie@OhHowHealthy.com or leave a comment below.

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