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5 Tips That Will Propel You Toward Your Goals

When it comes to reaching one’s goals, there is no sure fire way to get there. An infinite number of possibilities, experiences, and backgrounds shape the outcome and the extent of success that we obtain. There are, however, basic concepts applicable to progress in any environment. As an entrepreneur, these five tips have proven themselves invaluable to the growth of my business, my fitness goals, and even in the context of my social life. I hope they will bring you the same benefit!

The Following Five Tips Will Propel You Toward Your Goals:

Remember Why You Started – The second you decide to dedicate yourself to a goal, a few changes occur: First, the things that help push you toward your new finish line become essential. Second, the things that don’t move you forward become expendable. This is important to know, because the more laser focused you become, the greater resistance you face. Going against the current breeds criticism. Dedication brings about peer pressure and makes your priorities vulnerable to question. Success in any form generates negativity. The good news is, none of it matters. You’re not working for your friends, doubters, or the haters on social media. You’re doing this for you. Don’t lose sight of that fact.

Go All In –

It wasn’t too long ago that I was attempting to juggle multiple projects in a variety of niches. I was passionate about everything I was doing and saw nothing wrong with my approach, especially since I was willing to put in the work. But with experience comes knowledge and it was soon evident that my lack of consistent attention across all areas had become a detriment. While my output was substantial and certainly diverse, it was mediocre. Excellence requires a simplified, consistent devotion that, being spread too thin, I was unable to provide. I made the tough decision to narrow my focus and went all in. As anticipated, the consistent time, dedication, and effort paid dividends in a huge way.

Know Yourself –

There is quite a bit of content out there advocating the value of waking up early and adhering to a morning routine. I happen to agree with this whole-heartedly. However, I also know successful folks who work until 3AM and sleep until noon. As hard as we try to create a one-size fits all approach to success, it will never happen. Our stylistic differences make such guidelines impossible. That being said, it’s essential that you find out what makes you tick. Determine when you like to wake up and what types of routines enable your greatest production. Find your sweet spot between structure and flexibility. Build those things into your life and I promise you both happiness and productivity will soar.

Assess The Value –

Progress requires action. This is something we’re all familiar with. What’s often forgotten though is that all action is not equal. All work is not the same. Due to the value of time and its continuous reduction, this should be of significance to you. Rather than waste precious minutes doing things that don’t move you toward your goal, make a point to find out what gives you the biggest bang for your buck. What gives you the best results? Pinpoint your value contribution and strip down the rest. Is Instagram essential to business growth? Maybe. Is it worth three hours a day? Probably not. Is your regiment at the gym moving you toward a fitness goal, or are you going to simply cross a box off on your checklist. Having clearly defined goals is half the battle. Focusing in on the best way to accomplish them is just as important. Remember, working hard for no reason is just as valuable as sitting on the couch.

Follow The Map Before You –

Everything you hope to do, accomplish, or acquire has taken place. In one variation or another, someone before you has achieved all of your goals. This is great news, because it means that a road map exists. There is an answer key just waiting for you! And you know what would be a shame? To ignore it. There is no reason to stumble through your pursuit, making the same mistakes that thousands of others have made, written about, and discussed at length. Learn from these people. Pick and choose the lessons and truths that are applicable to your work. In a world where efficiency is king, utilize the resources that allow you to jump over obstacles and gain momentum.