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Sweet Tooth? Eat this.

Major Sweet Tooth?

Not everything sweet is bad for you.

When you want something sweet stick to these 4 tips-

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1.) Stay away from artificial sweeteners-

Fake sweeteners like Equal or Sweet & Low only trick your body into getting something sweet then causes you to crave more sweets!

2.) Choose natural sweeteners-

Think of items that come from nature like maple syrup, raw honey, coconut sugar, fruit!

3.) Choose items that are low on the glycemic index-

Every food has a GI index that ranges from 0-100 and the goal is to choose foods that are closet to zero. (http://www.glycemicindex.com) This is a cool site that you can input an ingredient and it will tell you where it falls on the GI index.

4.) Make your favorite unhealthy sweet food, healthy!

There is no reason why any healthy lifestyle should be depriving. That key to making it long term and sustainable is by making it enjoyable!

One of my favorite healthy sweet recipes is the combination of equal parts coconut oil, cacao powder & raw honey melted together in a saucepan. Continue to melt ingredients together until it looks like melted chocolate-don’t boil! Pour warmed mixture into silicone molds and freeze for 1 hr!

This is a great chocolate substitute!!

What is your favorite sweet treat? Drop it below and I give you a healthy alternative for it.

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