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Carbs & Weight Loss

. I was just watching a clip of the Ellen Show where Ellen was interviewing JLo about how she prepped for her role as a stripper in an upcoming movie. Jennifer’s response was no sugar and no carbs

Ok so, I just shared a post about sugar in my last blog post -check it out here.

But the whole no-carb topic needs to get cleared up.

There are two different kind of carbs- Simple (aka.Refined) Carbohydrates & Complex Carbohydrates. The key to weight-loss when it comes to carbs is

1.) Limit your intake of simple carbohydrates

2.) Nourish your body with complex carbohydrates—high-fiber carbs that keep you full for longer because they take more time for your body to digest. (Lot’s of veggies have carbs in them!)

Simple carbs don’t have much nourishment and are what you want to avoid. They are foods like cakes, candies, sugary cereals & cereal bars-these foods have the ability to spike your blood sugar and will make you hungry soon after consuming.

Complex carbs are the foods you want to incorporate into your diet and are foods like beans, veggies, quinoa and oatmeal. These foods contain a ton of vitamins and nutrients that will keep your blood sugar low and keep you fuller longer.

You can let out a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to cut out all carbs to live a healthy & fit lifestyle! Sure, eliminating all carbs is do-able but not a realistic goals and will have you failing on your diet again and again-because let’s face it life is filled with birthday parties, wine nights & tacos! That is exactly why J Lo only stuck to this no carb/no sugar diet for only 10 days! If you want real long term weight loss, slow (smart) & steady wins the race every time!

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Was this helpful for you? What are some other questions about diet & weight loss that you have?

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