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Lose weight without losing time

Hey, I know you are B-U-S-Y

So, Instead of extracting any more time out of your day to incorporate healthy habits - I encourage you to simply alter your current habits. Healthy swaps can go a long way! Here's what I mean, You’re already planning meals, buying groceries, making the meals and eating. So, with no time added to your agenda (& no extra money spent), you can shop, plan, prep healthier foods that will have you losing weight EFFORTLESSLY. Try these 6 healthy swaps for starters: 1.) Swap processed snacks for fresh options. For example: Choose a nutritious piece of fruit & handful of almonds over your bag of pretzels. 2.) Add veggies to bulk up your meals- A little spinach to your eggs can go a long way! 3.) Chose natural peanut butters & jellies over processed versions with added sugars and unnecessary ingredients. 4.) Pick out plant-based pastas over flour based pastas -Banza is a great brand so is Explore Cuisine. 5.) Eat slowly! Allow your food to digest before you finish your whole plate! You’ll be surprised how much less you eat when you focus on slowing down and chewing your food thoroughly! 6.) As if you need another reason to drink water. Believe it or not, that hunger that you’re experiencing could just be thirst. Dehydration makes you think that you’re hungrier than you really are. Summer is a great time to incorporate these simple swaps! So get started on them ASAP and enjoy your flatter stomach just in time for the pool!

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