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“OMG, I can’t believe that I ate so much this weekend!!”


I'm curious,

Has this even been you?

“OMG, I can’t believe that I ate so much this weekend!!”

If so, you're you're 100% normal. (This used to me ALL THE TIME. My whole day would be dictated by my eating habits from the previous day.)

Anyway, the very next thoughts/actions are the only things that matter.

There are so many choices that you can make after an indulgent weekend- but for simplicity sakes, I have boiled it down into 3 main categories.

1.) The Restricter-“Nothing but black coffee & a 5 mile run for me today!”

2.) The Indulger - “I probably gained 5 pounds, why even bother today”

3.) The Overcomer - “Oh well, I’ll have a smoothie and try to move more today!”

I’ll give you a hint, the best choice is the option that you might recommend a friend, daughter or any other loved one to do. The trick, however, is being just as nice to yourself.

Learn how to give yourself the same kind of grace PLUS find out 5 quick tips that you can do to get yourself back on track ASAP by watching the video over in the “Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Busy Women”

Just know that one “mess- up” isn’t going to ruin your progress, however multiple "mess-ups" will- let's keep the positive momentum going!

Talk to you moreover in the group! <3

xo Jamie

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