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How To Make Healthy Eating Your New Non-Negotiable

Make Healthy Eating Your New Non-Negotiable, Here's How👇

1.) KEEP IT SIMPLE- Listen, If it’s not simple, you’re going to be overwhelmed at not want to do it. So choose a healthy eating plan that doesn’t take any extra time or money out of the equation! You’re already doing the hard work of planning, shopping, cooking, eating- let’s maximize on those efforts so that you can get the weight loss results you’ve been dying already!

2.) TAKE BABY STEPS- Don’t choose a healthy eating plan that takes you from zero to one hundred. For example, if you love sugar and find yourself eating it daily, don’t choose a plan that is 100% sugar-free! Instead, go from “0-25” and limit your consumption of sugar to 2-3 days a week! This will help you stick with a healthy plan-thus helping you build confidence and ultimately proving to yourself that you actually can do this whole healthy lifestyle thing!

3.) RESPECT YOURSELF ENOUGH TO WANT TO DO IT- Taking the baby steps that I encourage you to make, like pre-making smoothie bags or adding veggies to your dinner, etc. are EASY TO DO, but they are ALSO EASY NOT TO DO. Choose the small easy steps daily until making smoothies on a daily basis becomes a habit.

4.) SEEK BALANCE- Learn when to push yourself and when to step on the brakes a bit. There is a time when laying on the couch and binge-watching Workin’ Moms is 100% acceptable then there are other times where you know that you def should not press “continue” when Netflix asks you if you’re still there after the 6th show of Stranger Things. If you find that you struggle with finding motivation, or distinguishing from when to push yourself and learning when you chill out, see the link below to my private FB group "Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Busy Women" full of supportive women that are all going through the same things as you! YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

5.) ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR WINS- Know that you are doing enough! Let me say it again, you are doing enough! Even if at the end of the day you see a to-do list full of things that still need to get checked off in front of you, know that you are doing enough. As women, we are so hard on ourself and always pick out our flaws and where we're lacking. So I challenge you to find where you kicked ass today and all this week and share with me!

I’m here for you! xo Jamie


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