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Why Keto, Weight Watchers, or the Sugar-Free Protocol you saw on Dr. Oz is not your answer….

I wanted to share a quick story..

Last night I was at an event & at this event, I was sitting at a table full of smart, beautiful, & talented women.

Our table was conveniently placed close to all the beautifully prepared dinner dishes & desserts.

After dinner, a large portion of the ladies at my table seemed to be taunted by the dessert set-up.

A few of the comments that frustratingly came out of their mouths were...

“Is that brownie really ass-worthy?

“Ok, just one bite & I’ll just throw the rest out!”

“I can’t even look at that table or else I'll gain 5 pounds!”

But then, there were the women who went over to the table & came back with their dessert plate filled with goodies as if they didn't give their decision any second thought.

It became very clear to me that as women we tend to live in this perpetual cycle of....

“I can’t have that, I’m on a diet” & “I’m not on a diet, I’ll have 3”

But the thing is, is that these are not your only 2 options!

There is a magical sweet spot of being able to have your brownie & eat it in a healthy & guilt-free way.

Wanna hear more about this? Tune into my latest video here

Short on time & just want the cliff notes, here ya go:

Step #1) Decide you’re officially getting off the diet roller coaster!

Step #2) Evaluate your situation & where you need support the most.

Step #3) Examine where can you make simple healthy swaps.

Step #4) Get started!!

Step #5) Keep going!

Step #6) Keep going....……

Xo Jamie


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