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Constantly cheating on your diet? Put an end to yo-yo dieting FOR GOOD!


I just celebrated my birthday this past weekend & it was truly amazing!

The weekend was filled with friends & family as well as a whole lot of restaurants, drinks, desserts, chocolates, pizza & soda 😳​

And ya know what?I didn't & still don't feel one ounce of guilt about my indulgent treats!

But this wasn't always easy for me to do!

After overindulging (intentionally or unintentionally) in the past, I would always wake up the next day & immediately let the memories of the unhealthy event take me down a rat hole of negative thoughts, excessive workouts, and more commonly, the consumption of MORE unhealthy foods because I already messed up...Why not REALLY mess up! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Right? Does this sound familiar?

The only way I can have an indulgent weekend, not struggle with my weight & not have major regret the next morning is in my most recent FB Live video & podcast I shared. This is also why I wholeheartedly believe in throwing all diets out the window for good to end the whole yo-yo dieting cycle!✌️

I know that that it might sound counterintuitive to ditch your diet when you're looking to lose weight but trust me when I say, ditching the diets was THE ONLY THING that worked for me (& I've wasted a good amount of my money on all the diets out there!)

In my most recent FB Live video & podcast I elaborate on this topic & talk about what you can do to manage your weight, all while having the ability to enjoy guilt-free celebrations!

Birthday Festivities in Philly!

The answer is SO MUCH EASIER than you would have ever imagined!

On-the-go & rather just listen? Download the "Oh How Healthy" podcast here

If you have any questions or want to continue this conversation, head on over to the private FB group "Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Busy Women"& let's chat!

Love, Jamie

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