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Prepare a week of meals IN ONE HOUR🥙🍤🥗

Some of the best feedback that I get from my current Oh How Healthy Insiders, aside from their amazing transformations, is how much they are enjoying the Monthly Meal Prep Parties! (& I’ve got to say seeing everyone's meal prep photos each week warms my heart!❤️)

In case you’re wondering what the heck a meal prep party is, let me tell you!

Our monthly meal prep parties are where I hop on a live video with all the beautiful OHH Insiders and prepare the entire week of meals from our monthly meal plan IN ONE HOUR⏰!!

Yes, you heard that right.

In one hour, I show you how you can prepare a week's worth of whole food inspired meals that are all“Mom waistline-tested & kid approved”.

And let me tell you, meal prepping is not just for muscle-heads who spend hours a day at the gym and only want to eat boiled broccoli & grilled chicken all day. #NOTHANKS (We only provide anti-boring & anti-diet meals around here)

Meal prepping is for individuals who

  1. Don’t want to waste all their hard-earned money on groceries that go bad at the bottom of their fridge week after week

  2. Who are tired of the dreaded question “What’s For Dinner?!?”

  3. Who go into the kitchen after grocery shopping and say to themselves “There’s nothing to eat!”🤦🏻‍♀️

Meal prepping not only ensures that you are on target to hit your weight loss goals but it PUTS HEALTHY EATING ON AUTOPILOT since your healthy choices are already laid out for you!

Save time cooking multiple meals day after day so that you can put your time and energy into that other laundry list of things to do!

Join me as I make a big fat mess of my kitchen and show you how to get your appliances to do the work for you, how to bulk prep, and so much more!

If you want to learn more about how you can gain access to this month PLUS all previous months of meal prep parties, JOIN US! >>https://www.ohhowhealthy.com/insider

All my love,

Jamie Zwier