• Jamie Zwier

Healthy Online Cooking Class For Kids

I hope that you & your family are well during these strange & uncertain times!

All we can do is stay calm, focus on the positive & just do the best we can to get by!

With the delay of my cooking clubs across all of the schools I work with, I’m taking my classes online!

Since I know parents across the country are suddenly homeschooling, I can assume you are looking for different things to do with your little ones.

That is why I am offering FREE virtual cooking lessons for the next 2 weeks!

Oh How Healthy's Cooking Classes are designed for children ages 4+

Additionally, there are no hot surfaces or sharp utensils used (These classes were designed to give parents a bit of a break)

Having an educational background, all cooking lessons incorporate math, science & literacy!! Gain access to printable recipes & worksheets! Access educational resources here.

Children are empowered by creating their own recipes & encouraged to try new foods!

Easy, healthy & delicious recipes that the whole family will enjoy made with simple staple ingredients that are most likely already in your home!

Watch the cooking demo below!

Gain access to printable recourse and recipes here.

Download the recipe and recourses here!

Want access to weekly online cooking classes for kids & more? Learn how here!

Stay Well,



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