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🔟 Awesome Ways To Save Money On Your Next Grocery Trip!

So you're not exactly the type of person that's into clipping coupons ✂️, no worries! (Me neither)

Check out these 12 grocery shopping tips that will help you save hundreds on your next monthly grocery bill.

Plus, once you get started using these tips you will not only be saving money but you'll also be eating healthy too!

Let's dive in!


It seems different things are cheaper at different stores. You probably have some favorite meals or ingredients that you use more than others. Make a list of the top 10-20 commonly used ingredients at your house and write down what they cost at the different places you shop. Make a point to stock up on those basics when you are at the store where they are the cheapest.


Buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season. Berries taste great but they are at least half the price in the summer. You could even make it an outing and go to a berry farm, pick your own and freeze them. A lot of fruits and vegetables are cheaper in the summer, but squash is cheaper in the fall and cabbage in the winter. Eating in season also helps you have variety in your diet a great way to eat healthier.


Stores often cut prices on a few items to get you in the door in hopes you will fill your cart with nonsale items. Don’t fall for it plan what you will buy based on what is on sale this week. Get to know the sale cycles at your local stores. Usually, sales come around every 6-8 weeks the exception being seasonal fruits or vegetables. When one of your favorite foods is on sale stock up for a few weeks.


Meal planning around what is on sale this week or what you have on hand can save you a ton of money on groceries. Plan to have leftovers for lunch. It makes packing lunch much easier and you are more likely to pack it instead of being tempted to go out and grab something. Oh How Healthy Insiders is a great meal planning system that streamlines the process for you. Get on the waitlist and learn when Oh How Healthy Insiders opens for enrollment again.


Avoid prepackaged meals. It really doesn’t take any longer to open a box of pasta, a can of tomatoes, chop an onion and some garlic while the meat is browning. Pass on the chemicals and get something closer to real food saving money and eating healthier. Stick to ingredients that you can read and understand.


Once you have planned your meals based on what is in season and what is on sale make a list. The second step is to check the pantry to make sure you don’t already have what you need. Then, stick to your list. If it is not on the list leave it in the store and put it on the list for next week if you still want it go for it.


Personally, all canned tomatoes taste the same to me. Store brand rolled oats is the same as the popular brand. I can’t tell the difference between one kind of brown rice or dried beans and another. Milk whatever brand is cheapest works. Try the store brand and I am sure there will be things that work for you that will save you a few dollars a month.


Limit your intake of other beverages especially soda. It is fine for an occasional treat, but it is not a staple. Water is free and healthy. If you want to flavor it try adding fruit, herbs or even cucumbers to a glass of water for flavor.


It is really tempting to buy treats and snack food when you are hungry or tired, so go grocery shopping when you are full. Those chips, cookies, and candy are much less appealing when you have a full stomach.


Meat in the family pack is often on sale for 40 cents or more less when you buy a larger package. Even if you have a small family you can package it and freeze it or cook it all and freeze it cooked to make meals simpler. I often save serval dollars by buying shredded cheese in a 2-pound bag instead of 8 oz bags and cheese freezes well.

👫BONUS TIP - SHOP SOLO The more people in your shopping party the more likely you are to impulse buy snack food or other nonessentials. What is your takeaway tip for cutting your grocery bill? Even if you only save $10 a week by the end of the year you have saved $520. Imagine what you can do with an extra $500.

What money-saving tips do you stand by?

Click here to download a sample grocery list & recipes to get started!

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PS.) Click here to download a sample grocery list & recipes to get started!

PPS.) Get on the the waitlist to join Oh How Healthy Insiders when enrollment opens up again!

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