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Get kids to eat the food YOU want them to eat

Updated: May 22, 2020

In these uncertain times, a lot of families are struggling in ways to keep their children occupied and up moving. A great way to spend valuable family time and keep them busy is to get them in the kitchen! Not only are you spending quality time together (while getting some help cooking), you are also teaching them a valuable life skill!

Here are 5 tips to not only get your kids involved in the kitchen but get them to want to eat the food you want them to eat!

1.) Plan it out: Let them pick the meal they would like to help you with and walk them through what ingredients you need to make bring the dish to life!

2.) Make Cooking Fun & Not a Chore: Pretend you are the hosts of your favorite cooking show or get matching aprons. Not only are you teaching them cooking is fun, but this is also setting them up for healthy eating habits later in life!

3.) Start them young: Make sure to take into account a child's age. A toddler can not do too much, BUT they can bring napkins to the table. The older kids can help you cut up fruit/veggies with a plastic knife. By getting them involved at an early age, it is teaching them that cooking dinner is family time, and everyone pitches in a little. They also can watch their skills in cooking progress as they get older!

4.) Encourage Creativity: Ask your kids what they think they would like added to the recipe! By allowing them the opportunity to tailor the recipe themselves, they feel a sense of ownership and more willing to try new foods!

5.) Start Simple: By keeping the tasks easy and familiar, you'll help your kids feel as though they've succeeded. This is will reinforce their desire to help more in the future. Good recipes to start with are smoothies or some homemade pizza because there are few steps and it always turns out tasty!

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