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More Diets = More Confusion. So, What’s The Answer!?

Updated: May 22, 2020

In the past, I’ve had a rather unhealthy relationship with food & yo-yo’ ed my way through the majority of the diets out there.

Not only that, but throughout my nutrition schooling, I’ve studied hundreds of diets! Literally, everything from the cookie diet to the Ayurveda diet and took an in-depth look at all of them. I learned the pros & cons of each of diet.

After years of trial & error and studying, I adopted what I uncovered to be the most simple & effective diet out there that not only worked for me but countless clients!

Find out what that diet is by listening to Episode 060 of theOh How Healthy Podcast

Additionally, In this episode, uncovermoney-saving tips while grocery shopping & how to prevent unnecessary overeating! Learn the surprising benefits besides weight loss of following this simple eating philosophy!

Listen now or queue up for later by clicking here!

Listen now or queue up for later by clicking here!

Jamie Zwier, BS.Ed, CHHC. Simplifying Healthy Eating for Busy Families

Head Health Coach & Founder of Oh How Healthy,LLC Author of "Simple Balanced Eats" Cookbook Join our next healthy eating challenge >>here<< Let's Hang >> Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook

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