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My 5-Step Meal Prep Process

When I used to see meal prepped photos like this I would think to myself YEA RIGHT-there's no way that’s happening for me!

After all, I could barely keep my food storage containers organized enough to find a matching lid when I needed one nor had the time to sit down to eat most days so I wasn’t sure how I would be able to find the time or energy to make meal prepping my reality.

Fast forward 3 years, I cracked the meal prepping code & have the process down to a simple method. Now I spend minimal time, energy & funds on prep each week.

Now granted, this was a photo after my monthly Meal Prep Party & I don’t prep this much every week. However, there is always something getting prepped even if it’s small because it makes getting & staying healthy a no brainer.

So, if I can learn to meal prep drool-worthy whole food inspired meals (the girl with minimal patience for being in the kitchen and limited cooking skills), SO CAN YOU!

I’m going to share with you my 5-step process that will walk you through what I do to simplify Meal Prep Sunday!

Step 1)

Start with a plan. Brain dump on paper or a Word doc all the meals you & your family will want to eat for the week. Look on Pinterest, cookbook, magazines, etc for. Your favorite recipes.

Take your children’s advice into consideration when planning, it not only helps validate their opinions but it helps picky eaters become more adventurous at mealtime. Start small if you’re a beginner. Try planning & prepping JUST breakfasts or JUST lunches or JUST for one day of the week.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s all about baby steps!

Step 2.)

Craft a grocery list based on the meals you picked for the week. Double-check you don’t already have the ingredient in your pantry!

$ Money-saving tip $ Use the same protein all week long so that you can buy in bulk and save. For example, if you plan on making shrimp stir fry, steak tacos & grilled chicken lettuce wraps. Consider instead-shrimp stir fry, shrimp tacos, and shrimp lettuce wraps. Do steak & chicken for the following weeks.

Step 3.)

Shop! Ok, so you have your meal plan, your grocery list done & now you’re all set to shop! It’s best to not be hungry when grocery shopping to avoid overspending on impulse buys. Better yet, you can skip the grocery store altogether and shop online!

There are plenty of stores that offer online shopping to make the whole process a breeze. Grocery shopping online also saves you the hour you might have spent grocery shopping. My current favorite online grocery shopping spot is @Walmart . I can find all the healthy ingredients I need at a super affordable price with no shopping fee.

Step 4.)

Now we meal prep! You got this. Before you start (or consider doing it before you even pick up groceries) clean off your countertops, take out the trash, empty your sink & dishwasher, etc.

All of these things will make the meal prep process run 100x smoother. There’s nothing like an overflowing sink that will have you avoid meal prepping & just order out. Also! Put on some music, enjoy a glass of wine, put on your favorite show- make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Step 5.)

Store food, tidy up, and do a happy dance. You did it! Snap a photo and tag me I can’t wait to give you a virtual high-five. You’re one step closer to reaching your health goals!

If you want to dive into this topic further, see how I meal prep, check out my preferred brands to buy & access a done-for-you grocery list and recipes join me for the “Your Healthiest Week” Challenge starring 6/19!

This is a 7-Day challenge that is going to pull back the curtain & reveal the exact step-by-step process that I take myself through when I feel those jeans get uncomfortably snug.

We start on Friday for a reason so get signed up and keep a close eye on your email for important details!!

Share with a friend for accountability purposes & let’s do this dang thing!!

xo, Jamie


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