What Clients Say About Working With Me 


“Before signing up for Jamie's coaching, I found myself an impatient, stressed out, and exhausted wife and working mom of two toddlers. Being constantly on the go, fast food and unhealthy snacking led to extra pounds and breakout prone skin.


Like an angel from above, Jamie reached out to me about health and wellness. I knew it was a sign and I joined her next group. After session one, I already felt so empowered to make positive changes! Some were super simple and some weren't, but I can honestly say that as I near the end of our 8-week program I feel better, look better, am happier and enjoy my family more.


Learning to food prep with simple and delicious recipes have been game changing! But our work together many times went beyond the outer layer. We talked a lot about the things that led me to that uncomfortable place I was just 8-weeks ago.


Jamie has helped me set attainable goals each week and sometimes those goals had nothing to do with food or fitness. The things I've gained will stay with me for many years to come, not to mention I feel I've made a new friend! No regrets!”


                                                                                                              -Lauren Sadusky

I've tried to eat healthier and work out more on my own so many times. Each time the change would last maybe a week and I'd go back to my old routine. I always felt sluggish, bloated, and overall not healthy. I was skeptical about joining Jamie's program.


With this program, I have been able to make changes in my life more permanent. I haven't been perfect with eating healthy and working out, but I've learned to forgive myself when necessary.


I've also learned the power behind "no". I used to say yes to anyone who needed help, even if it would severely inconvenience myself. It feels liberating to be able to say no to these situations and not feel bad for making someone else upset.


Thanks to Jamie, I have a new found confidence to continue this journey. THANK YOU!



                                                                                                                       -Heather Rosiak 

" Jamie is so attentive and kind that she makes working with her seem like getting to know a friend than working with a health coach.  Jamie looks at a person's whole life and then gives you very knowledgeable information regarding positive changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and self-growth.” 



         -Karen H.

“ Jamie has the ability to be a great listener and then give positive feedback. In addition to helping me develop coping skills for stress and anxiety, Jamie has helped me develop a much more positive attitude all around. She has really assisted in encouraging me to see the positive versus the negative as well as how this correlated to my eating and fitness habits.”



                                                                                                                 -Pat C.

“ On our grocery store tour, Jamie showed me how to buy a better quality of food as well as gave me fun recipes for these new food choices! Jamie has helped me make changes when it came to my eating habits that had a lasting effect on my ability to make good choices when it comes to food buying and preparation of more nutritious meals. Thank you again, Jamie, for everything you've done!"


     -Melissa E.


“The best there is!! Jamie's wonderful and you're lucky if you get to work with her and have her share her expertise with you. She is very personable and wonderful to work with! I can't wait to work with her again, so many healthy manageable tips!”


                                    -Eileen M.

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