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Oh How Healthy

A monthly membership providing you a simple & practical solution to weight loss 

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Lemme guess you’re so confused with all the *next best thing* diets out there and you’re not even sure what healthy even is anymore!

Is it that Keto diet your co-worker is on?


The sugar-free protocol you saw on Dr. Oz last week??


Or the vegetarian plan that the latest Netflix documentary recommended?!? 


AND you’re wondering how all these chicks on Facebook seem to be prepared with a week's worth of chef-looking healthy meals  (#mealprepenvy ) when you can barely even find the time to eat breakfast!!

You’re craving the RIGHT advice that will actually work for YOU, your SCHEDULE & your BUDGET!  

You’re dying for the time, energy, motivation, (& funds) to eat healthy, consistently!  


And to be honest the lack of nutrition and stress is causing you to notice a couple extra stomach rolls that weren’t there a couple months ago. 


More than that, you are SO DONE with


The days of restrictive diets!


Plain broccoli, chicken & rice dinners!


Handfuls of supplements &


Those horrible unfulfilling weight loss shakes that leave you hungry only an hour after having them!  


If I have this right, you’re simply looking for something, anything really, that will actually work to create sustainable long-term weight loss success for you on YOUR TERMS.


If so,

you’re in the right place & is why

I cordially invite you to...

become an

Oh How Healthy Insider 

Oh How Healthy Insiders is a monthly membership site that I created for you because I want you to know there a solution to your struggles.
I want to save you the years of yo-yo dieting and being unnecessarily stressed out. I want to guide you step by step, month by month towards creating the lifestyle you deserve.  I've been there and want to save you the years of yo-yo dieting. 
I want to show you how to simplify healthy eating so that you can make sure you are fitting nutritious & tasty meals into your diet despite your hectic schedule.

Learning WHAT to eat is only half the battle.

Learning HOW to fit the "what" into your busy lifestyle is how you will create real LONG TERM success.

Meal Prep
As an Insider, you will learn exactly HOW to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle & budget so that eating healthier & losing weight is no longer a pipe dream! 
Not only will you learn WHAT to eat
but I also provide you with step-by-step video demonstrations on HOW to simply, quickly, deliciously, & inexpensively fit healthy, balanced whole food inspired meals into every damn meal!
Learn step-by-step how to incorporate healthy eating habits into your life, one baby step at a time.
No matter how tight your schedule or budget
YOU CAN DO THIS! Let me show you how you can gain instant access...




Once an Oh How Healthy Insider 

you gain instant access to monthly challenges, meal plans, grocery lists, recipescooking demonstrations!  




Exclusive monthly LIVE masterclasses so you can learn how to ditch the diet lifestyle for good!


"How-to" cooking videos so that you see how simple cooking healthy meals really is!


Refrigerator/pantry tutorials so that you know what the heck to pick up from the grocery store.


PLUS access to an exclusive Facebook group to connect with a community of like-minded women will encourage you like never before!  




A chance to win a $50 cash prize every single month to incentivize you to follow through with your long sought after goal of living a little healthier!







  • My signature Ditch Your Diet Method Quick Start Program so that you have all my weight loss videos & workbooks in one condensed place!



  • Weekly group coaching calls to keep you focused & on track!



  • Access to our monthly LIVE Meal Prep Party where I kick off the month's new meal plan by showing you LIVE how within 1 hour I meal prep from start to finish all the recipes on our list for the week.



  • A private community for accountability & support



  • Monthly meal plan & grocery list so that you know exactly what to eat when to eat it and see how it will fit into your budget!



  • A new 30-day healthy eating challenge every month providing you the practical solution you've been searching for to put all your excuses to rest.



  • PLUS- A chance to win a cash prize every single month to incentivize you to follow through with your long sought after goal of living a little healthier!

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>>Which means you can invest in a healthier, happier, slimmer & fitter you for less than $1.70 per day<<





Cancel at any time!

As soon as you enroll gain instant access to:

  • “Simple Balanced Eats Cookbook & More”

  • “Create Your Own Perfect Lunch” Guide

  • Exclusive Community to connect with a community of women to inspire & motivate you!

  • Plus, if you’re the super ambitious type and wanted to get started ASAP with your healthy eating plan, you can dive right into the 5-Day Whole Food Jumpstart Cleanse that you get immediate access to!

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You're going to be able to pass that #mealprepenvy torch to someone more deserving in this challenge because you are going to learn how to make tasty meals in minutes so you're not subjected to skipping meals, eating unhealthy treats from the vending machine or ordering takeout. 





GROCERY budgeting basics 

In this 30-day challenge, master how to shop for the foods on your new meal plan without dropping your whole paycheck in one trip!   Don’t waste another dollar on fresh food going bad at the bottom of your fridge again!


In this challenge, maximize your time & manage “all the things”  so that you can get back to that high priority to-do list of yours. Learn how to effectively plan for a successful week of eating despite your busy schedule. 

fine-tune your nutrition


In this 30-day challenge learn how to create a well-balanced meal, what specific nutrients you uniquely need & how to properly portion out your food so that you’re not obsessively counting calories, weighing your food or any other crazy dieting tactic!



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Hear What Others Are Saying About being an iNSIDEr:

“​ I feel better, look better, am happier and enjoy my family more.


Learning to food prep with simple and delicious recipes have been game changing! 


Jamie has helped me set attainable goals each week and sometimes those goals had nothing to do with food or fitness. The things I've gained will stay with me for many years to come, not to mention I feel I've made a new friend! No regrets!”

                                                                 -Lauren S.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.00.03

" With this program, I have been able to make changes in my life more permanent. I haven't been perfect with eating healthy and working out, but I've learned to forgive myself when necessary.

Thanks to Jamie, I have a new found confidence to continue this journey. THANK YOU!”


                                                                  -Heather R. 

Join now

Monthly access >>
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You're the perfect fit for

Oh how healthy insiders if... 

  • You find yourself wasting so much money on ALL THE weight loss programs, cookbooks, diet shakes & meal plans but can’t ever seem to follow through with them!
  • You're sick of hopping from diet to diet only to quit them weeks later because 1.)  life is crazy & 2.) diets suck
  • You need a kick-in-the-pants to get new habits started
  • You need step-by-step instructions on what to eat & how to simply, quickly, deliciously & inexpensively fit healthy whole food inspired meals into every meal

  • You crave accountability and someone to keep you on track so that weight loss is no longer a pipe dream! #NoMoreExcuses

Not sure if
OH hOW hEALTHY insiderS

Schedule Your No Pressure 15-Min Consult Call


1.) This session is a FREE way of seeing if OHH INSIDERS is a good match for you and your lifestyle! 


2.) Review deal breakers and deal makers, making sure that this program is the perfect fit for YOU. 



3.) You can use our time together to ask me any questions that you might have about the program ensuring you are making the best decision! 



HeY! I'm Jamie,




My name is Jamie Zwier,


 . I’m a certified holistic health coach & the founder & owner of an NJ based health coaching business


I teach busy women how to simplify healthy eating so that they can lose weight without dieting! 


In my coaching practice, I overlook all the fad diets. Instead, I teach my clients what to eat & more importantly HOW to incorporate those healthy meals into their schedule & budget!  


I wholeheartedly believe that leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle DOES NOT have to be as time-consuming, restrictive, tasteless or expensive as we all make it out to be but instead it’s just the opposite! 



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