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          Our mission at Oh How Healthy,LLC is to teach students how to make smart food choices. We teach students how to not only fill up an empty belly, but how to truly nourish themselves with colorful, delicious, whole foods. We aim to teach students how to fully understand that what they put into their bodies today, is who they will become tomorrow.


        In our Healthy Kids Cooking Classes (both virtual & in-person), we teach students how to establish positive eating habits in a fun and non-restrictive way. Students learn how to make healthy foods taste like some of their favorite unhealthy snacks all on their own!Children create delicious healthy recipes that they can't wait to recreate at home!

Overall, we make healthy eating fun and something to look forward to.


      Additionally, it is our goal to empower students with the tools that they’ll need to make healthy foods on their own for years to come! All recipes and cooking demos are kid-friendly and don’t require the use of any sharp knives or hot appliances, making it easy for children to help out in the kitchen at home!


       Furthermore, it is our goal to teach students how to be holistically healthy. In every Oh How Healthy Kids Cooking Class, and/or assembly, students will learn that being healthy is so much more than how much you weigh, what you look like, or what your BMI is! Being healthy helps our brain think clearer, helps our body move better, prevents us from illness & injury, and ultimately gives us the ability to show up as the best version of ourselves. It is our responsibility to take the very best care of ourselves that we can and a simple way to start is by making one small healthy choice at a time!


   It would be my honor to share Oh How Healthy Kids Cooking Classes with you, your family and/or your organization. Please feel free to reach out via one of the contact points below to get started with Oh How Healthy Cooking Classes! 



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My name is Jamie Zwier and I'm the founder and lead Healthy Kids Cooking Class teacher.