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about Oh how Healthy 




🏫 Our mission at Oh How Healthy, LLC is to teach students how to make smart food choices and nourish themselves with colorful, delicious, whole foods. We believe that what students put into their bodies today shapes who they become tomorrow.



Overall, we make healthy eating fun and something to look forward to!

👩‍🍳 With our Healthy Kids Cooking Classes, both virtual and in-person, we establish positive eating habits in a fun and non-restrictive way. Students learn to create healthy versions of their favorite snacks and develop a love for nutritious food.

🌟 We make healthy eating enjoyable and something to look forward to! Our kid-friendly recipes and cooking demos require no sharp knives or hot appliances, making it easy for children to help out in the kitchen at home.

🧠 It's our goal to teach students to be holistically healthy. In our classes, they learn that health goes beyond appearance and BMI, impacting their brain function, movement, and overall well-being.

🤝 It would be my honor to share Oh How Healthy Kids Cooking Classes with your school. Let's empower students with the tools they need to make healthy choices for years to come! Reach out to start your journey with Oh How Healthy today.

🌟 Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook & Instagram! Let's inspire healthy habits together.

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It’s so nice to meet you! 

My name is Jamie Zwier and I'm the founder and lead Healthy Cooking Class teacher.


Below is a little bit about me & how I got into this line of work & why it means so much to me 💕


🌱Jamie Zwier, Founder & Lead Instructor at Oh How Healthy, LLC, is dedicated to empowering children with the skills to cook healthy foods independently. Through engaging programs like healthy kids cooking clubs, camps, scout classes, birthday parties, and more, Jamie ensures every class is not just educational but also enjoyable.


👩‍🍳Drawing from her background in education, Jamie recognized a significant gap between what students, parents, and schools wanted regarding nutrition. This inspired her to become certified in nutrition and launch Oh How Healthy. Now, she brings her expertise to various communities in NJ & PA, instilling confidence in young chefs and equipping them with the tools to make nutritious choices for a lifetime of wellness.

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