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about Oh how Healthy 




          Our mission at Oh How Healthy,LLC is to teach students how to make smart food choices. We teach students how to not only fill up an empty belly, but how to truly nourish themselves with colorful, delicious, whole foods. We aim to teach students how to fully understand that what they put into their bodies today, is who they will become tomorrow.


        In our Healthy Kids Cooking Classes (both virtual & in-person), we teach students how to establish positive eating habits in a fun and non-restrictive way. Students learn how to make healthy foods taste like some of their favorite unhealthy snacks all on their own!Children create delicious healthy recipes that they can't wait to recreate at home!



Overall, we make healthy eating fun and something to look forward to!

Additionally, it is our goal to empower students with the tools that they’ll need to make healthy foods on their own for years to come! All recipes and cooking demos are kid-friendly and don’t require the use of any sharp knives or hot appliances, making it easy for children to help out in the kitchen at home!

 Furthermore, it is our goal to teach students how to be holistically healthy. In every Oh How Healthy Kids Cooking Class, and/or assembly, students will learn that being healthy is so much more than how much you weigh, what you look like, or what your BMI is! Being healthy helps our brain think clearer, helps our body move better, prevents us from illness & injury, and ultimately gives us the ability to show up as the best version of ourselves. It is our responsibility to take the very best care of ourselves that we can and a simple way to start is by making one small healthy choice at a time!

   It would be my honor to share Oh How Healthy Kids Cooking Classes with you, your family and/or your organization. Please feel free to reach out via one of the contact points below to get started with Oh How Healthy Cooking Classes! 

Don’t forget to come & hang out with us over on Facebook & Instagram!

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It’s so nice to meet you! 

My name is Jamie Zwier and I'm the founder and lead Healthy Cooking Class teacher.


Below is a little bit about me & how I got into this line of work & why it means so much to me 💕


          Growing up, my relationship with my body & food has been ANYTHING but “smooth sailing”⁣⁣. Some of my earliest memories were seeing my mom weighing herself on a regular basis, continue to tell herself & others that she was fat. She would continue to insist that she was skipping dinner and going on a diet.⁣⁣ My mom was not fat (in fact she was thin) but in my 7-year-old brain, I thought that if my mom was fat then I must be fat as well (I too was not overweight & was in a very healthy weight range).


Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.24.08 PM.png

       So there I was a young child, weighing in at only 50 lbs, never wanting to weigh more than that. (This is a photo of me around that age with my grandfather. I remember feeling fat & self-conscious in this photo because I was holding a hot dog)⁣⁣.

         With all that being said, as a small child, I knew I wanted to be/eat healthier but I just didn’t really know how to do that or what to eat. ⁣⁣My family was a typical family eating the Standard American Diet. I was a typical kid getting the standard nutrition lessons at school. There wasn’t much I could do. My family was busy and doing the best they could. Things didn't necessarily get any easier as I got older, my negative self-talk, poor eating habits & endless desire to diet only grew from there.⁣⁣


        So there I was, following right in my mom's footsteps, diet-hopping & never really being okay with the body I saw in the mirror. I know it’s sad to say, but even on my skinniest days, skinny was never skinny enough.⁣⁣


        As I started my professional career, I became an early childhood/elementary school teacher but as the years went on, my passion for healthy eating became clearer by the day. I noticed that I LOVED teaching nutrition lessons to students & I spent my free time finding healthy recipes to make & try. ⁣⁣


        As I was healing my relationship with my body & food, in the classroom, I was becoming aware of what food choices children were making on a daily basis.⁣⁣ I was able to observe what students wanted to eat, what food was served at school, what was packed from home, as well as what parents wanted their kids to eat. I noticed huge gaps.⁣⁣

     Knowing what my situation was like & wanting to improve the health & lifestyle choices of future generations, I knew I had to help.⁣ After going back to school to receive the proper credentials, I eventually started my own business teaching healthy cooking classes to kids & that was the birth of Oh How Healthy, LLC. 


     Oh How Healthy now teaches cooking classes to kids & teens (ages 4+) across the greater Philadelphia area. We give children the opportunity to experience cooking their own healthy whole-food-based meals that are beneficial to their growing bodies! These classes not only encourage children to explore & try new healthy ingredients but our cooking classes build confidence inside & out of the kitchen! 


    If you have a child or are part of an organization that you think would benefit from healthy cooking classes, clubs, camps, etc. feel free to reach out to us, we would love to connect with you! 

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