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Are you busier than ever before and your to-do list only seems to be growing and growing? Being a professional woman you have A LOT of responsibility including work, family, friends, kids, a home life, and oh yeah, your personal health, and well-being. With so many other important things occurring at once, your nutrition and fitness sometimes go right out the window. Am I right? 


I know exactly how this feels because that was me! I was a newly employed teacher working 7am-4pm then taking the rest of my work home for the remainder of the night.  Being a pet momma, homeowner and newly engaged there were plenty of tasks, home chores and responsibilities that required my attention. I was stressed out, overworked, sleep deprived, lacking focus, irritable and unnecessarily emotional. Honestly, I was mostly annoyed because I didn't like how tight my jeans felt or how my poor skin condition made me feel self-conscious and I had no one to blame but myself. I just felt “blah” and didn't really know what to do about it. The thing is, is that I thought that I was eating somewhat healthy since I was consuming fat-free and low-fat foods, protein bars and shakes, frozen pre-portioned meals, among many other diet foods. Little did I know at the time that these were among some of the worst things that I could have been putting into my body.


If this sounds anything like your current situation then you’re in the right place. I want to show you that there is a way out of this vicious and unhealthy lifestyle, I promise.  When you pay attention to your nutrition and fitness you’re putting yourself first. By doing that, it allows you to be a better friend, family member, co-worker, spouse, etc. You start to feel better, look better, have improved attention and mood which makes it much easier for everything else to fall into place. It just takes a little planning, focus and creating small sustainable action steps towards your ultimate goals. 


Just know if you’re in a similar situation, It’s not your fault. There was no class in our schooling to teach us how to navigate and cope with overwhelming, time consuming, confusing and stressful situations like these. All of these occurrences comes with the territory of being in your 20’s, 30’s & 40's trying to navigate your way through life. It’s an interesting place to be in. There's a lot of transformation that is occurring. It’s ok to let yourself off the hook.  In my private coaching, I will teach you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle and positive mindset that will be your guiding force during this beautiful transformation process.


When you get a handle on your health and wellness; 

The weight melts off,

You will gain the confidence that you've been longing for,

You have the energy to get much-needed things done without dragging your feet,

Your once foggy mind becomes clear and focused, 

Your hormones become balanced which manages stress and irritability, 

You sleep better,

You feel better,

You look better.


My name is Jamie Zwier and I want to help you reach your ultimate health goals and ideal body weight as well as manage all the everyday stressors for once and for all. Unlike dietitians and nutritionists, I don't focus primarily on calories in and calories out to get you to your health goals. Instead, I take a holistic approach and believe that there is a way of eating that will work for you and that is unique to you. I also focus on all the external factors that happen outside of the kitchen and gym that have an impactful effect on what and how much you want to eat and exercise. This is not just another fad diet but a lifestyle change that will help you create a sense of ease and comfort inside and out of the kitchen. 


I come from an unbiased standpoint. I am here to support you through the good times and not so good times and never judge. I know that in those low times is when real change occurs so I will be there to remind you to be kind to yourself. I believe that any goal that you want to achieve is attainable when broken down into small sustainable action steps. Whether your goal is to meal prep, not overeat, create better time management skills, land your dream promotion, etc. it all must start with that initial step forward. 


If you think that you’re ready to take that first step forward. Click Here to apply for a Complimentary Wellness Consultation. 



Thanks for taking the time to read


With love & health,







Jamie Zwier | Holistic Health Coach
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